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Detox Kit
Detox Kit
It contains the following 25ml essences

Clears the system, mind/body & emotions of toxicity & sluggishness, mental overload, weight issues with emotional context, lightens the load and is helpful for feeling clear and generally cleansed on all levels.
Contains:Wild Potato Bush, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Bauhinia, Bush Iris, Peach Flowered Tea Tree, Fringed Violet.

Clearing & protection. The daily build up of electromagnetic toxicity from computers, mobile phones & other elecromagnetic equipment can have negative effects on the system. Clears build up allowing the body’s system & energy field to be refreshed and in balance.
Contains:Fringed Violet, Crowea, Paw Paw, Waratah, Mulla Mulla, Wild Potato Bush, Bush Fuchsia.

While detoxing it is important to keep the system in balance. Supportive as a pick me up and extra energy boost after feeling stressed, tired and low.
Contains: Banksia Robur, Macrocarpa, Black Eyed Susan, Crowea, Old Man Banksia, Yellow Cowslip Orchid.

Suggested Use: Detox Essence can be used as a baseline essence by taking seven drops orally in the morning & again in the evening. It is beneficial to take seven drops of Electroguard in the evening so that the system can be cleared of electromagnetic toxicity during the night, followed by seven drops of Dynamic Recovery first thing in the morning to keep the energy system in balance while going through the detox process.
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